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Therapy Anti-Chute Plus

Cell-active intensive treatment for hair loss and thinning hair

  • Reactivates the formation of young stem cell,s which are essential for the hair papilla and the new start of the active growth phase
  • A glycoside from green tea neutralizes free radicals that attack the cells and lead to premature cell death
  • Vitamins,, proteins, peptides and trace elements support the nourishment of hair roots.
  • Hair-active vitamins and trace elements strengthen the cells and guarantee an optimum supply with all the substances necessary for healthy hair growth
  • Stops hair loss and supports new follicle formation
  • Balances the three phases of hair growth

Shampooing Actif F

Cell-active anti-aging shampoo for fine hair

  • Gentle cleansing for fine and thinning hair
  • Does not weigh down
  • Deactivates free radicals
  • Adds volume
  • Protection and support for mother cells in scalp and follicles
  • Anti-glycation effect

Elixir Anti-Chute

Anti-aging scalp lotion

  • Improves the scalp's cell energy
  • Combats the hardening around the hair follicle due to sugar
  • Optimizes conditions for hair growth by normalizing the scalp functions
  • Prevents hair thinning
  • Strengthens hair growth on all levels and prevents hair loss
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